Welcome to Andrew Chang & Company

Andrew Chang & Company provides end-to-end management consulting services to Fortune 1000 companies, government agencies, trade associations and non-profit organizations. We work closely with our clients and engage key stakeholders to develop deep understandings of our clients' unique needs and situations. We bring together best-in-class research, advanced analytics and unique insights to produce practical solutions and tangible results. 

Recent Projects & Studies

Six RFPs have been released for stakeholder engagement with Clients and Consumers, Diverse Racial and Ethnic Communities, Families, Parents and Caregivers, Transition Aged Youth and Veterans

Commissioned by the California Employment Development Department, this study provides insights into why people use and do not use the state's Paid Family Leave program

Commissioned to inform the City's planning approval discussion, this study assesses the economic and fiscal impact of a proposed business park development in the City of Chino 

California Paid Family Leave Market Research

MHSOAC Education, Advocacy and Outreach RFPs

Kimball Business Park Economic and Fiscal Analysis